High Road R&D Kitchen


Research and development is what we're known for. We’re entrepreneurs with a knack for fast innovation, a love of things that taste great, and respect for people, global culture, and ingredients. We can put all that to work for you.

Here are some examples of what we do:

Help you expand your product offerings with new flavors in your current category, or with new products in a different category. 

Develop easy dessert and beverage solutions. We can create all-natural products that are so easy to work with, even a high schooler working a summer job will look pro. Hand us a set of standards and we’ll meet them. We’ll work within your budget so you make money. Think gelato bars, smoothie shops, all-natural cocktail mixers, milkshakes, and soft serve.

Custom flavors for chefs, private label lines, and contract manufacturing. Our chefs will work with you to create something that reflects your vision, communicates your brand, and delights your customers. We’ve made ice cream with blue cheese. Boiled peanuts. Even shrimp (hey, don’t knock it). We can even offer help with packaging design.